Celebrating the Life and Music of Hod O'Brien

January 19, 1936 - November 20, 2016

"The outpouring of kindness we've received from those who were touched by Hod has been overwhelming. Thank you for the memories and stories you've shared with us and for keeping his spirit and music be-bopping in your hearts"  

With love, Stephanie and Veronica (wife and daughter)

It's now been over two years since his passing, and after great urging and requests from his followers, Hod O'Brien's family has agreed to bring back his website in tribute to the profound mark he made to the world of jazz.

While some of his catalog is available, the more rare performances are in limited supply. As the family seeks to secure these precious moments in Hod's life, if you are interested in a recording that is listed as "unavailable," please contact us and we will notify you should a copy be found.

The family expresses their deep gratitude to all who loved Hod and who continue to cherish his legacy through his music.

“This book is not intended to be a strictly biographical text, but, rather a collection of funny, little incidents and stories I’ve witnessed and heard along my way, on my path as a freelance jazz musician over the past 60 years of my professional life. It’s intended mostly for fans of mine, whomever and wherever you all are, and fellow musicians, who might be interested in hearing a little bit more about me from another perspective, rather than from just my music and recordings alone. . . . The jazz community is a small, but hip part of the world, of which I’m happy and proud to be a member, and to whom I wish to express my deep gratitude — to those of you in it and interested in my work.”